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Startup Is Not Going Anywhere?

Startup Is Not Going Anywhere?


Amidst the startup buzz around, there are founders who are starting up, some who are ramping up, and then a few who are in the middle. Being in the middle [...]

SEO – A Reactive Or A Proactive Approach?

SEO-Reactive or Proactive Approach

SEO in the digital industry elicits various types of responses and expectations from the founders/business owners of a website. To some it’s a waste of time and effort, to some [...]

Do You Invest Time In Your Future Business Plan?

Business Plan for future

I was at an event recently where a very successful serial entrepreneur was present. He has founded and built some of the most well known companies in India. A researcher [...]

Are You Killing Your Startup?

Product Launch Infographic

I have come across a lot of first time entrepreneurs who get stuck in product delays and feel immobilized to release their product in time. Whether it’s an outsourced development [...]

The Indian E-Commerce Consumer

Indian E-Commerce Humour

A humorous take on the Cash on Delivery mindset of Indian E-Commerce Consumers. Spread the laugh. Share it with your friends ___________________________________________ ABOUT THE AUTHOR NIDHI KAPOOR - Nidhi is the co-founder [...]

Are You Approaching the Right Investor?

Approach Investors

Receiving external funds (investor money) is always attractive to most founders. And rightly so! But as a founder, do you do your groundwork before approaching an investor? From our (FounderMates) [...]

FounderMates – The Transition

change ahead

When a company transitions from a FREE to a paid model, there’s usually some bit of hubbub around it. We can’t blame anyone, it’s just how the digital industry or [...]

How to nurture Intrapreneurship in growing (mid-size) companies?


Ravi was managing projects with a mid-size company. His capabilities and knowledge of handling projects helped him move into business development. In one years, Ravi understood some challenges his client’s [...]

When Should A Startup Approach An Investor

Entrepreneur vs Investor

The unfortunate fact is that though being in the business of risk investments, most VC’s and Angel investors in India are highly risk-averse. This is why start-ups in India struggle [...]

E-Commerce in India – The Current Scenario

E-Commerce Research

Abstract: India, though started late in E-Commerce, did an excellent job in bringing growth to this industry and is already giving physical retail a run for its money. India’s e-commerce market was [...]