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Monthly Archives: October 2013

5 Points for Selecting a Front-End E-Commerce Platform


Whenever you are selecting a front-end E-Commerce platform, remember to do a background study of that platform in regards with the following: 1. Whether that platform has a complete order [...]

Listing of Shares by SMEs Without an IPO

SME raise funds through ITP

SEBI has provided with a platform for SMEs accessing capital by issuing IPOs on the SME Exchange and the regulations in this regard have been in place for about 3 [...]

7 Ways to Acquire Customers for Your Ecommerce Business

7 ways to acquire customers

Undoubtedly, the best and the fastest way of promoting your e-Commerce business and acquiring customers would be Social Media. Now people do ask many times ‘Is Social media a fad??’. [...]

Do I Need Domain Expertise To Startup?

known or unknown for starting up

A startup doesn’t operate in isolation; it operates in an environment called the industry. As much as the founder is skilled in a particular function, the understanding of the industry [...]

Seeking Investment? Think Like An Investor

show me the money

Often there is a misconception amongst entrepreneurs as to why an investor is not interested in funding their business even when it is profitable. In a workshop that FounderMates had [...]

7 Basic Steps To Develop On-Page SEO For Your Website

Ranking on Google - SEO

We all know there are various factors involved in search engine rankings. One of the basic steps is On-Page SEO. Doing the On-Page optimisation is equally important as Off-Page. Before [...]

Never Forget the Basics as an Entrepreneur

Basics of Business

This Guest Post is by Mahesha Hiremath, a first time entrepreneur and founder of Boson Research. It was year 1998, NASA launched a spacecraft to study Mars climate. It took [...]

MBA Graduate Vs. Entrepreneur – The Dilemma

Duality of MBA and Entrepreneur

This topic is extremely to my heart because I love both; being an MBA and being an entrepreneur. I don’t understand why most people like one over the other as [...]

Entrepreneurs – Don’t Shy Away from Change

Change is a Process

With ever-changing market dynamics, it is only the agile who will survive. Most start-ups that I have known or read about had to change the entire business plan at least [...]

Customer Service is a Reflection of Your State of Mind

bad customer service

Last night while I was having dinner at a Food Court in one of the well-known shopping malls in Bangalore, suddenly it started to feel extremely hot. I felt probably [...]