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7 Ways to Acquire Customers for Your Ecommerce Business

7 ways to acquire customers

Undoubtedly, the best and the fastest way of promoting your e-Commerce business and acquiring customers would be Social Media. Now people do ask many times ‘Is Social media a fad??’. Well I just have to say that whether you like it or not, if it wouldn’t have been for social media, the e-Commerce wouldn’t have got that much visibility and awareness among people, especially among youth!

Some of other customer acquisition strategies which I would like to highlight here are:

  1. Build an effective and interactive website – No matter how simple your thinking is about your business, unless you don’t come up with something interesting and full of content on your website, you won’t be able to attract customers
  2. Ask your customers what they want – Follow them on how they would like to enhance their shopping experience. Add new ways of showing your products online like a video clipping of every product and some experts’ advice on it
  3. Don’t just sell your product, sell the experience – Reach out to customer’s voice and make them feel to be a part of your business. Cater to your premium customers so that they spread word of mouth to their peers
  4. Market your product using Facebook and twitter – Provide up-to date information on your product catalogue and ask for their recommendations
  5. Take your customer’s video interviews and put it on your website – This would attract more customers to your site
  6. Promote exclusive offers through social media so that if one follows it, others will be curious to follow the same. Provide special kind of badges to those who follow your Facebook page on a regular basis and highlight them. Provide coupons to your customers who they can forward to their friends and relatives thus converting them into your potential customers
  7. The main relationship starts after selling the product to a customer. After sale relationship building plays a key role in retaining and acquiring new customers

While using social media, keep in mind that we are trying to connect with the public not only from the sales perspective but also from the perspective of connecting emotionally with them. Get connected, Get promoted!

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NIKUNJ AGARWAL - Nikunj is a Business Consultant in retail and supply chain domain, especially in e-Commerce with global MBA in IT and having international and cross cultural exposure across four geographies – Singapore, Toronto, Dubai, India. He is skillful in business process consulting and requirements gathering with 5+ years of successful track record in IT and Retail industry; primarily in SDLC, ERP development/implementation and WMS Implementation.



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Article Name
7 Ways to Acquire Customers for Your Ecommerce Business
ECommerce Expert Nikunj Agarwal shares 7 effective strategies to acquire customers for your Ecommerce business.