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Category Archives: Advisor Knowledge

Are You Killing Your Startup?

Product Launch Infographic

I have come across a lot of first time entrepreneurs who get stuck in product delays and feel immobilized to release their product in time. Whether it’s an outsourced development [...]

The Indian E-Commerce Consumer

Indian E-Commerce Humour

A humorous take on the Cash on Delivery mindset of Indian E-Commerce Consumers. Spread the laugh. Share it with your friends ___________________________________________ ABOUT THE AUTHOR NIDHI KAPOOR - Nidhi is the co-founder [...]

Are You Approaching the Right Investor?

Approach Investors

Receiving external funds (investor money) is always attractive to most founders. And rightly so! But as a founder, do you do your groundwork before approaching an investor? From our (FounderMates) [...]

When Should A Startup Approach An Investor

Entrepreneur vs Investor

The unfortunate fact is that though being in the business of risk investments, most VC’s and Angel investors in India are highly risk-averse. This is why start-ups in India struggle [...]

Email Marketing – What Makes It Effective?

Email Marketing

I get this out of the blue email from one of my connections on Linkedin and I cannot resist myself from writing this post because time and again one gets [...]

Aligning Business Strategy to Customer Needs – Kano Model Approach

Kano Model - Quality

To stay competitive and achieve potential growth plans, every business needs to align its business strategy with customer needs and demands. However, customer needs keep changing due to a combination [...]

SEO Whiz Challenge

Share On Facebook If you scored 100, TWEET your score! If you scored 90, TWEET your score! If you scored 80, TWEET your score! If you scored 70, TWEET your score! If you scored [...]

Viral Marketing – An Inexplicable Phenomenon or a Conscious Attempt?

Viral Marketing

Something really interesting has happened in the Social Media space this long Diwali weekend in India. A Bangalore based entrepreneur, Harsha Mv who’s serially used to creating communities on Facebook [...]

How Should You Outsource Product Development?

outsourcing sign

Have an idea ready to be put into production? Don’t have a technical cofounder who could build the product/service? Thinking you could outsource product development? While having a solution built [...]

5 Points for Selecting a Front-End E-Commerce Platform


Whenever you are selecting a front-end E-Commerce platform, remember to do a background study of that platform in regards with the following: 1. Whether that platform has a complete order [...]