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Category Archives: Go to Market Strategy

Marketplace models are always chicken and egg stories


We have been seeing the rise in e-commerce and marketplace business models globally, especially in India. With Internet adoption on the rise, and cost of starting a business getting lesser, [...]

IT services market is getting saturated


We have been following the software service delivery model for years. Why do we lag behind others in developing innovative technology products? Why are the entrepreneurs so averse to risk [...]

Getting Your First Paying Customer

customers wanted

Getting the first set of paying customers is possibly the biggest challenge and arguably the happiest moment that an entrepreneur can have. Every entrepreneur who is starting out faces this [...]

For Startups Market Positioning Is Everchanging

market positioning

This post features Bhaskar Thakur (profile), an entrepreneur who has founded 3 ventures in the Internet and mobile space. We had an interesting conversation with Bhaskar about Go to Market Strategies, [...]