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Category Archives: Investment

Are You Approaching the Right Investor?

Approach Investors

Receiving external funds (investor money) is always attractive to most founders. And rightly so! But as a founder, do you do your groundwork before approaching an investor? From our (FounderMates) [...]

When Should A Startup Approach An Investor

Entrepreneur vs Investor

The unfortunate fact is that though being in the business of risk investments, most VC’s and Angel investors in India are highly risk-averse. This is why start-ups in India struggle [...]

Listing of Shares by SMEs Without an IPO

SME raise funds through ITP

SEBI has provided with a platform for SMEs accessing capital by issuing IPOs on the SME Exchange and the regulations in this regard have been in place for about 3 [...]

Seeking Investment? Think Like An Investor

show me the money

Often there is a misconception amongst entrepreneurs as to why an investor is not interested in funding their business even when it is profitable. In a workshop that FounderMates had [...]

Indian Startup Eco-system Needs Seed Capital to Grow

seed capital plant

I was quite excited and happy to see the latest announcement from SEBI about providing tax-relief to Angel Investors. Although there are some debates around the 3 year lock-in clause [...]

Startups Should Learn to Grow On Their Own

self growth

Questions and concerns about funding are one of the most visible sights on FounderMates. And why just on FounderMates, I reckon no matter how many platforms try and connect entrepreneurs [...]