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Category Archives: Marketing

Email Marketing – What Makes It Effective?

Email Marketing

I get this out of the blue email from one of my connections on Linkedin and I cannot resist myself from writing this post because time and again one gets [...]

SEO Whiz Challenge

Share On Facebook If you scored 100, TWEET your score! If you scored 90, TWEET your score! If you scored 80, TWEET your score! If you scored 70, TWEET your score! If you scored [...]

Viral Marketing – An Inexplicable Phenomenon or a Conscious Attempt?

Viral Marketing

Something really interesting has happened in the Social Media space this long Diwali weekend in India. A Bangalore based entrepreneur, Harsha Mv who’s serially used to creating communities on Facebook [...]

7 Basic Steps To Develop On-Page SEO For Your Website

Ranking on Google - SEO

We all know there are various factors involved in search engine rankings. One of the basic steps is On-Page SEO. Doing the On-Page optimisation is equally important as Off-Page. Before [...]

What Are The Key Elements to Drive Traffic to Your Website?

SEO for Humans

When I was researching on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), I was bombarded with loads of information on the Do’s and Don’ts of SEO. There are a zillion gazillion articles on [...]

Smart Business Lessons from Bollywood Actors

business lessons from actors

Why Bollywood? I am so bored of it! This post sounds cheesy! – If you are thinking these phrases, let me assure you, I am in no mood to glorify [...]

Business has only 2 functions – Marketing and Innovation

falafel and Innocent Drinks Picture Collage

“Business has only 2 functions – Marketing and Innovation” – Peter Drucker. Companies who make it big understand it’s not one over the other and how both these business functions [...]

Brand Strategy for Startups – Omar Merlo, Imperial College Marketing Professor, and Fellow of Cambridge University


Branding is something a lot of startups don’t understand fully. It’s an intangible concept therefore it’s difficult to pin-point the nuances and to ascertain its deficiencies and effectiveness. We spoke [...]

For Startups Market Positioning Is Everchanging

market positioning

This post features Bhaskar Thakur (profile), an entrepreneur who has founded 3 ventures in the Internet and mobile space. We had an interesting conversation with Bhaskar about Go to Market Strategies, [...]