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Category Archives: Product Management

Are You Killing Your Startup?

Product Launch Infographic

I have come across a lot of first time entrepreneurs who get stuck in product delays and feel immobilized to release their product in time. Whether it’s an outsourced development [...]

How Should You Outsource Product Development?

outsourcing sign

Have an idea ready to be put into production? Don’t have a technical cofounder who could build the product/service? Thinking you could outsource product development? While having a solution built [...]

Are You Scared About Your Product Release?

Don't wait to release your product

It was year 2012; my first experience with a very early stage startup in London. This was also my first ever encounter with the lean startup principles in action with [...]

Product Management is mostly common sense

Product Management

Did we know the term product management in India, until a few years ago? Did we understand the importance of product management and its role in creating great products until [...]

IT services market is getting saturated


We have been following the software service delivery model for years. Why do we lag behind others in developing innovative technology products? Why are the entrepreneurs so averse to risk [...]