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Category Archives: Sales

Customer Service is a Reflection of Your State of Mind

bad customer service

Last night while I was having dinner at a Food Court in one of the well-known shopping malls in Bangalore, suddenly it started to feel extremely hot. I felt probably [...]

Startups have the potential to squeeze into ‘gaps’ created by established companies

startup threat to incumbent

While it may seem obvious that all incumbents (established companies) face threat from startups in the market, however, this article illustrates why this threat is not only real but also [...]

More than 80% entrepreneurs struggle with Sales

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First time entrepreneurs need lot of hand-holding to take their venture off the ground. From having a good team, a strong value proposition to a strong sales focus, entrepreneurs often [...]

Getting Your First Paying Customer

customers wanted

Getting the first set of paying customers is possibly the biggest challenge and arguably the happiest moment that an entrepreneur can have. Every entrepreneur who is starting out faces this [...]