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Category Archives: Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Deglamorizing Entrepreneurship

Mr.Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

Is being an entrepreneur as cool as it seems to be when you look at Mr. X (hypothetical) listed on a PR magazine? What comes out of that picture on [...]

“I have too many business ideas! Which one should I execute?”

Select Startup Idea

Not having an idea is one thing but having too many business ideas also qualifies as a problem for many. I have seen aspiring entrepreneurs sharing that they have too [...]

I don’t have an idea


How many of you have not started up because you just don’t have an idea? I was always of the belief that good ideas always come to people, like ‘Eureka [...]

Do I need to quit my job to be an entrepreneur?


One of the most common questions that aspiring entrepreneurs ask themselves and seek external validation for is “Do they need to quit their job to be an entrepreneur?” Most people [...]

Do I need an MBA to be an entrepreneur?


Do you need an MBA to be an entrepreneur? No Do you need an MBA run a business? Probably yes, it helps. Starting a business and running a business are [...]