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Startup Is Not Going Anywhere?


Amidst the startup buzz around, there are founders who are starting up, some who are ramping up, and then a few who are in the middle. Being in the middle [...]

SEO – A Reactive Or A Proactive Approach?

SEO-Reactive or Proactive Approach

SEO in the digital industry elicits various types of responses and expectations from the founders/business owners of a website. To some it’s a waste of time and effort, to some [...]

Do You Invest Time In Your Future Business Plan?

Business Plan for future

I was at an event recently where a very successful serial entrepreneur was present. He has founded and built some of the most well known companies in India. A researcher [...]

FounderMates – The Transition

change ahead

When a company transitions from a FREE to a paid model, there’s usually some bit of hubbub around it. We can’t blame anyone, it’s just how the digital industry or [...]

Demystifying Design Thinking

Design Thinking Steps

I was reading an HBR article titled “Design Thinking” by Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO), when it struck me why do people call Steve Jobs a “genius”? Was it his [...]

Chance Favours the Connected Mind

As entrepreneurs we are often plagued with the thought that someone might steal our idea. In several meetups with investors or mentors, one of the most cited concerns  is “What [...]

Hello and Welcome

After 3 months of launch, having great advisors and entrepreneurs on board and some great interactions, we launch our Blog. With this blog, FounderMates aims to bring forth insights from [...]