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Category Archives: Founders’ Soul Speak

Startups have the potential to squeeze into ‘gaps’ created by established companies

startup threat to incumbent

While it may seem obvious that all incumbents (established companies) face threat from startups in the market, however, this article illustrates why this threat is not only real but also [...]

Choose Your Cofounder As You Would Choose Your Spouse

Will you be my cofounder?

When it comes to choosing a life partner, my father’s one and only advice to me is,” Check out the basics. If basics are in place, everything else will fall [...]

Demystifying Design Thinking

Design Thinking Steps

I was reading an HBR article titled “Design Thinking” by Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO), when it struck me why do people call Steve Jobs a “genius”? Was it his [...]

How your startup vision can help you separate signal from noise?

vision image of an eye

You are an early stage startup (let’s say still in Beta). You rolled out an MVP and now you need to mature yourself by taking it to the next level [...]

Innovation – What it is NOT

Innovation is not rocket science. It is not about spending big bucks. It is the ability to see the “obvious”. Innovation is a mindset that puts customers at the heart [...]

Can you explain your technology product to a 10 year old?

albert einstein technology should be simple

You have an amazing technology product. How do you sell it? If someone has prepared for a Google interview before, you would have come across this preparatory question on Google [...]

Do I need to quit my job to be an entrepreneur?


One of the most common questions that aspiring entrepreneurs ask themselves and seek external validation for is “Do they need to quit their job to be an entrepreneur?” Most people [...]

Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh Energy – An alternative view to building your startup team


I received this interesting piece of knowledge about different types of energies in a human at a recent Art of Living course that I attended in Bangalore. The course suggested [...]