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Category Archives: Opinion

How to nurture Intrapreneurship in growing (mid-size) companies?


Ravi was managing projects with a mid-size company. His capabilities and knowledge of handling projects helped him move into business development. In one years, Ravi understood some challenges his client’s [...]

Is It A Good Idea To Copy An Idea?

copy cat

With the cost of starting up a business in the internet industry being so low, we see a lot of startup clones. I have observed this phenomenon to be more [...]

What Startups Can Learn From Traditional Family Businesses in India?

Success Key

India’s entrepreneurial activity is at its peak, with tremendous excitement shown by students today to launch new startups. As technology evolves and the cost of starting a business decreases, we [...]

Do I Need Domain Expertise To Startup?

known or unknown for starting up

A startup doesn’t operate in isolation; it operates in an environment called the industry. As much as the founder is skilled in a particular function, the understanding of the industry [...]

MBA Graduate Vs. Entrepreneur – The Dilemma

Duality of MBA and Entrepreneur

This topic is extremely to my heart because I love both; being an MBA and being an entrepreneur. I don’t understand why most people like one over the other as [...]

Entrepreneurs – Don’t Shy Away from Change

Change is a Process

With ever-changing market dynamics, it is only the agile who will survive. Most start-ups that I have known or read about had to change the entire business plan at least [...]

Indian Startup Eco-system Needs Seed Capital to Grow

seed capital plant

I was quite excited and happy to see the latest announcement from SEBI about providing tax-relief to Angel Investors. Although there are some debates around the 3 year lock-in clause [...]