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SEO – A Reactive Or A Proactive Approach?

SEO-Reactive or Proactive Approach

SEO in the digital industry elicits various types of responses and expectations from the founders/business owners of a website.

To some it’s a waste of time and effort, to some results from SEO effort need to show up in 3-4 days and so on. While various assumptions and expectations will form the basis of subsequent posts, this post will touch upon the way companies approach SEO. To be more specific, the question addressed is, “Whether your SEO is a Reactive or a Proactive Approach?

First of all, let me clarify a point here. When I talk about a Reactive or a Proactive Approach taken by a company, I am talking purely in the context of its’ peer competitors and not in the context of changing Google Trends and Algorithm.

Often, things work smoothly for companies(ones that are not actively doing SEO) unless the day when the company notices that there are 3 other similar players in the market with a stronger online presence who have begun to drive most of the web traffic to their websites.

Even though the existing company might be operationally more effective, better quality and in a position to deliver more, but who really cares to look at companies that rank after the first page in Google Search results?

The new companies might be less efficient operationally but they made themselves more visible by grabbing the higher rankings in the search results leading to a greater number of enquiries.

From thereon, begins a response from the existing company to start being more visible online and occupy higher rankings in search results – A Reactive Approach.

So, what’s wrong with a Reactive Approach?

-          You lose enquiries from the online audience to your competitors

-          You will need to invest double the amount of effort in doing SEO; be it yourself or outsourced

-          Till the time you move up in search results, you will need to continually spend in Adwords, Offline Campaigns and in other paid marketing channels

Now, if a company has a proactive approach to SEO, it can mitigate most of the risks and costs involved in a reactive approach.

One doesn’t need to create a big hole in one’s pocket to be proactive with SEO. Attention to basic things as listed below are good enough for a company to remind Google that your site is good. Of course, the more you get your site Optimized for Search Results, the better results you reap.

Some quick ways of keeping a proactive approach to SEO:

-          Build a good clean site with attention to SEO friendly architecture

-          Have a Blog: I really don’t understand why people stay away from writing content.

Yes, all of us are super busy and sometimes lazy but unfortunately, if one aspires to be a long term player, we cannot ignore content creation and distribution. More content helps in 2 ways: 1. Gets visitors to your site when they read your content. 2: Makes Google index your site more regularly. Google wants fresh content.

When people say, “Tell us ways to rank high without using content” or “We will think about content later after SEO begins to work” is asking for shortcuts which really don’t exist in SEO unless one resorts to unethical practices.

-          Maintain a Google Plus page along with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

As final words, SEO is far from just a one-off thing. It’s continuous effort, an evolving strategy and something that needs to be given adequate time and attention rather than pressing panic buttons when all of a sudden, others begin to rule the search rankings.

So, how else do you think one could get proactive with SEO? Do share your ideas and thoughts in the comments section below.



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Nidhi holds an MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Imperial College, London. Her work experience includes Technology Consulting at Accenture and Techno-Business roles at a few startups in London.

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SEO - A Reactive Or A Proactive Approach?
A lot of companies undermine the importance of SEO and think of it as an item that just needs to be done because everyone around them talks about doing SEO. It becomes a low priority thing for them and something that they should not be worried about much because they have the ability to generate leads through other sources such as Referrals, Newspaper Flyers, Contacts etc.