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Brand Strategy for Startups – Omar Merlo, Imperial College Marketing Professor, and Fellow of Cambridge University


Branding is something a lot of startups don’t understand fully. It’s an intangible concept therefore it’s difficult to pin-point the nuances and to ascertain its deficiencies and effectiveness. We spoke [...]

My biggest illusion about Entrepreneurship: “If I can grow a large business at 27% annually, I can build a large business from scratch at same growth rate”

run fast

“When I left my corporate role, I was handling a national brand doing a business of $150 million. The biggest illusion most of us have, when we handle a business [...]

Demystifying Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is one of the most important aspects of a business. Who will forget the bitter rivalry between Apple and Samsung over Design Copyrights. From creating great [...]